For Business Owners

The employment landscape has CHANGED — likely forever. To attract and retain quality talent, YOUR BUSINESS MUST ADAPT to the reality of this new environment.

Think of the benefits and compensation you offer as your MENU. You can serve two items:

Your benefits and compensation resources need to maintain a balanced diet of BOTH.

PANORAMA BENEFITS COMPANY doesn’t do things traditionally. We help you adapt to today’s landscape — with the resources to supply your menu with CARROTS AND CUPCAKES.

To go one crucial step further, we provide COMPREHENSIVE FINANCIAL COACHING for everyone — including executives and owners.

We identify immediate and ongoing steps to tip the scales to create a productive, mission-driven benefits package. Our discovery process identifies benefits, solutions and support for:


  • These benefits are often inefficiently sold like commodities by multiple vendors, handed out like unappreciated participation trophies, supported with little or poor education.
  • Quality talent doesn’t get excited about participation trophies, and — worse yet  — these types of benefits could be adversely impacting them.

Your benefits & compensation program menu will be understood and appreciated — providing a balanced diet to your workforce that incentivizes them to become a loyal, competent, and confident team that’s hungry to grow your business.